130. Things to worry about.

81673_0Over the last couple of weeks I have seen a whole lot of surly merchandise in the markets correcting the misspelling of this country’s name by so many people, including me on the first few blog posts. I’m sorry Colombia okay?

Who would buy this though, really, but a pedant? I couldn’t think of anything worse to have on my chest than a whine about spelling.

And to be honest Colombia, bad spelling is the least of your perception problems.

Got a text from an ex client over new year wishing me well for 2019. I reciprocated and said I was presently in Colombia.

This was his response:  Know nothing about it. Running drugs.

Colombia = Cocaine in too many people’s heads.

If I were you Colombia, Id be inclined to give us permission to spell your country any way we want – but the trade is to tell the world about our drug free, healthy, happy holiday with your warm and welcoming people, on your spectacular land.

3600-athletic_gray-z1-t-deal-hugs-not-drugsMaybe you could sell a Colombian version of this famous t-shirt instead? Now there’s an idea.

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