79. Practicing my french.

So I am in Tahiti. It was chosen as a destination because I’ve been learning French this last term, and I want to practice with humans. My laptop doesn’t flirt back.  Five hours in the air seems like a perfectly reasonable investment to be able to do this.  This is especially reasonable compared to 23 in the air to Paris, which is where I really want to be.

There are challenges that are peculiar to a natural redhead in these tropical climes.  We have no choice but to be shade lovers, no matter how much we yearn for a different reality.  I would actually like to be a reckless blond in the sunshine, goading the Vitamin D to take me with some force please oh please, I don’t care if it hurts.

But I have learned it doesn’t play fair, the sun, with me. It needs to remain the boss.

I’m good.

I have also learned that my unique pallor makes a distinct impression with the native boys in the Pacific. Some seem quite bewitched by the combination of colours and potential textures I present, as I sashay down the path between the coconut trees on my way back to the room.

Bonsoir Madame. Ca va?

The beginning of a holiday is so intoxicating isn’t it. Its like the starry eyed vows we make on a wedding day. This will be amazing. You will love every minute. Let’s not think about the end.

Let’s see what we end up practicing over the next seven days in Tahiti. It could be all manner of things – hopefully in French of course.