48. Mr Cody and Bill.

I’ve been a woman who has travelled alone for many years. I’ve learned to enlist concierges on check in to make sure I get good service. (Funny how so many hotels think women are capable of doing so many more things for themselves than men can). I’ve learned to deflect “Where your husband?” with a smile. I’ve politely declined many opportunities to “no be lonely tonight, I can come”.

This is not a complaint I must add. In the main I have enjoyed being a sister doing it for myself. And there are many adventures I would not have had if I had only ever travelled with a partner. Many of them should also be written down, in a different kind of blog.

But this trip has created a whole new exchange and oh my god we have laughed, Cody and I.

Even in 2012, a mother travelling with her son isn’t common. Being a primarily Buddhist  country, the Sri Lankan people we have met have been very kind and warm to my boy and I. ‘Very handsome boy, very beautiful mother. (Pause) Same noses” . Yes, I think.  Thank god he’s a boy.

After the pleasantries, however, there is one other reoccurring theme. And it began on check in at our first hotel.   “Welcome Mr. Cody” our domo announced grandly, as he gave him an envelope with that very name on it.

Everywhere we have stayed, the booking has converted to Cody’s name. I’ve stopped actually saying mine; it’s easier.

Yesterday, five days into our adventure, our Sri Lankan guide Pradeep  suddenly says “So your name is Cody, yes”   “Yes” says the boy. “That’s me”.

“And you” his gaze goes to me “you must be Bill”.

Laugh? Nearly died.

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