107. Unsubscribe.


Along with the negative self-talk that sometimes plagues me, one of the things I’m spring cleaning on this wee vacation is my inbox.

I’m not getting into an inbox competition here, but that thing is full enough without random brands I once pashed / flirted with / okay maybe even slept with adding to it.

I’m not doing an exact count, I’m not a very exact person, but I’m kissing goodbye to easily a dozen a day.

 Here’s a new dress that looks exactly like all the rest of our dresses!

 Spend what you don’t have and save your self-esteem for as long as the hit lasts this weekend!

 Baked Easter Lamb will make you want to go vegan as your body tries to digest it over the next five days!

 15% off the reset mini juice cleanse fatty!

 Linkedin in Marketing solutions you have absolutely no need for!

 Are you ready to unleash the power of Data?

 Yes, actually I am. I’m also ready to unleash the power of the Privacy Act.

It’s been great, but I’m not looking for a relationship* right now.

*apart from with you net-a-porter

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