74. The willing suspension of disbelief.

The Kinesiologist slash Neurolinker had machete man Antonie Dixon eyes. Staring, super intense, prickling my skin, I may have to hurt you but it’s for your own good kind of eyes.

I was in his room with a couple of ligament strains that had started impacting other bits of me, and the pretty lady at my ‘wellness consultation’ said James was amazing, a miracle worker apparently. Had I tried tapping? Had I experienced Neurolink? It was unusual she said, but it worked.

What can we do for you today? he said, as I set myself down at his workbench. Bit of a ski injury I’m bringing to the table today I chirped enthusiastically (my attempt to neutralize my nervousness). I was so scared of hurting myself I hurt myself. Hahaha.

He didn’t laugh back.

Let’s have a look at what your body has to tell me shall we he said. And then the next hour happened.

Apparently, Neurolink uses the brain’s ability to take control of the body and effect repairs to the system.

Its philosophy is rooted in the neurophysiological principle that the brain governs optimum function of all the body’s systems. Unless the brain is talking to the body a patient – me – will never have complete wellness or recovery. That doesn’t sound good.

So instead of treating the symptoms of the problem, James’s plan was to identify the various short circuits I had manufactured for myself and re-establish the functional neurological connections so that my brain could get on and deal with my symptoms.

He did this by testing my reflexes while touching certain points of my body. When my reflex failed me – inexplicably frankly – he Ah Ha-ed and started scratching my head, rubbing me and tapping me. Then the strength came back. Seriously, it came back.

He also took a finger prick of blood from me, put it on a tissue and tucked it into my bra strap. New levels of ridiculous.

Within twenty minutes he had found the root cause of my injury. According to James, my brain had frozen the muscle strain in place up there on the snowy mountain, and it started in my hips. So he reset everything.

But here’s the most ridiculous thing of all: it worked immediately, in an “I can walk! I can walk!” kind of way. The knee ligaments don’t hurt any more. My hip doesn’t hurt any more. No pain. Gone. Back to form.

I jumped off the bench, threw a couple of dance moves to test it all out. This time he laughed. His eyes didn’t freak me out any more. Actually I was a wee bit in love with him, just for five minutes.

I am teaching myself to reserve judgement more often. I am learning to suspend my disbelief, just long enough to educate my point of view.

Thanks for the lesson James.

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