61. The bigger the hotel, the fatter the guest.

Ten things I’ve learned on this Asian experience with my boy:

  1. Leopards are pretty scary when they’re strolling past your open top jeep and looking you in the eye
  2. It’s important to manually date stamp every form and ticket, preferably with some force
  3. The bigger the hotel, the fatter the guest
  4. Arabic women have the full black kit for swimming as well. They look like they’re going diving
  5. Optimal Cody is found between 4 and 10 in the blood sugar range. Any higher and his sweetness leaves the temple
  6. Buddhas still me like nothing else has ever been able to
  7. The world doesn’t end if my nails aren’t perfect
  8. When the sign says shut your balcony door as the monkeys are very cheeky and will steal from you, it’s true
  9. “Little bit spicy” can be loosely translated as “really fucking hot”
  10. The train will eventually come

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