54. Accommodating me.

This place smells. We’re staying at a place called Elephant Reach, or should that be Retch?  It’s not an unbearable smell, just kind of an eu de two star that permeates the sweet  jungle air.   I think it’s a combination of cheap motel soap (smells the same all over the world that I can tell) , cleaning products (I know, I know, I should be quietly grateful for this ingredient) and a thousand shedding bodies that have slept in this room before us.

I made a little promise to myself that we would mix up the accommodation this trip, and give Cody a broad overview of how that all works. What a stupid idea. To be honest, he’s coping with it better than me; there’s a pool Mum!

I have had my share of cheap gaffs, more than my share if I look back. And while there are many outstanding memories than remain from those travelling days, these days I’m more than happy to stash the cash pre departure and fund an extra star or two.

Cheap wine and a three day growth?  Don’t mind if I do. Cheap room? Not so much.

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