43. Numbers. Not a game.

We finally got an 8.2. Cody has been riding in the high teens since we were in the departure lounge and the novo doesn’t seem to have been working.  This is scary; it makes you feel powerless.  Drugs = Effect right?

Not always, we have learned.

It is like the light has come back on in my boy and we have had our first fabulous funny adventurous day.  Cody even charmed himself into a free Segway ride off someone who I suspect would normally charge for the Malaysian oxygen we were breathing, if he could.  He is so fabulous when his blood sugars let him be pure Cody.

HIgh blood sugars are awful on every level. They steal optimism and humour and energy for any kind of adventure. And there is a level of stress that sits in both of our bellies. Damn I wish worry made me thin.

We were set to go to the Night markets and China Town for dinner last night, but at 23.2 his blood was boiling and we were going nowhere and Cody was Angry. Capital A.  At one point he left the hotel room and went for a ‘walk’.  Now that’s scary for a mamma. Turns out he rode the elevators for half an hour. I saw him in a gutter for a lot of that time.

We’re catching a plane to Colombo at 11pm tonight. We arrive at 315am. Fingers crossed the growing boy’s body plays ball.

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