36. Relief all round

36. Relief all round

The boys were all pretty happy to see me home safely.

They were at the airport at midnight; Cody vaulted the barriers everyone was standing so neatly behind and threw his arms around me . I think there were a couple of hundred people who enjoyed the reunion.

I am happy to have taught my boys to love big, that to give it away is the first gift in any relationship of substance.

So I’m home, and I’m pretty happy about that too. Even Louis and Freddie are relieved we’re a unit again. See what I mean?


There’ll be more stories if you want to stick around. Maybe  not every day, but there’ll be stories. The Orla Tour was clearly a showstopper but – whether I like it or not –  there always seems to be something to say, or something that’s just happened, in Jill-land.

I might just keep writing it down.


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