31. Best intentions

The National Gallery was today’s key item  on the agenda. That was the intention.  Two days left in London, better take in some of the grand masters.

But then I met Steve for lunch, cheap Japanese joint called TOKYO in Chinatown, soba noodles, Leicester Square Tube, four stops, BOOM, Harvey Nichols.

Harvey Nichols is a work of art though. Well it has it’s moments. Some of the staff were real pieces. And the mannequins were glorious, as you can see. The prices were imaginative too. A Vanessa Bruno dress I bought in Paris was four times more expensive. Four times.

I bought a Nicole Farhi bag then promptly saw one I liked more. Damn I should have dated it for a while first.

You weren’t allowed to take photos. Arrest me I said.  The girl blanched and walked away. I took these photos.

I guess I can be a work of art too.


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