20. I’m sure someone was watching

20. I’m sure someone was watching

Hey maybe this guy works for me and I don't even know it?

Felt very secretly royal tonight.

We threw ourselves at Paris, as we’re back on the Eurostar to London late tomorrow.  We went for a cruise on the Seine (strangely only ten people shared our boat, although the other boats seemed packed), took a spin on a carousel  with lots of wooping and giggling (very exclusive, the only two on it),  and much promenading with an abnormal amount of personal space around us.

It was like the secret service was clearing the way.

To top it all off, we stumbled into the middle of the most stunning open air  photography exhibition, right on the banks of the river. It was called Photoquai, and the rest of the signage was  in French so I’m damned if I know what it was all about apart from to shock, to move, to stimulate, to excite.  As you can imagine I was right at home. That’s an average day’s set of emotions for us at Radiation.

These were three of my favourite photographs. Or maybe they’re my secret service?

This guy definitely doesn't work for me. We dont do smoko breaks

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