15. It’s not the future any more

I had heard about the architect Zaha Hadid’s practice  before but , until yesterday, I’d never spent an hour in the presence of her genius.

While out walking in the languid Paris drizzle yesterday, we saw a massive white capsule in front of the Institut du Monda Arabe and, upon closer inspection, saw that it was a mobile exhibition space  recently donated by Chanel ( a nod to all their big spending babes from the Arab States no doubt). Inside was it’s first exhibition – Zaha Hadid Une Architecture.

Did you think the Jetson’s was a work of fiction? Na. George lives in one of Hadid’s extraordinary structures. Defined by a radically new approach to architecture by creating building with multiple perspective points and fragmented geometry, Hadid’s sculptural organic  forms seem to be born from the land rather than placed upon it.

The six models here have been given the nod and are being built somewhere in China. Don’t know why I made such a fuss about my renovation.

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